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Municipal Police

 Mauguio Carnon

Fleury Les Aubrais

National Gendarmerie

Charmont Montbeliard, Fort La Chaux Shooting

Air Investigation Section

Air Transport Detective Section.

Ecole des Officiers, SLT Martin

Intervention Unit (GIGN)

National Training Centre

National Training Centre, instructeur

Nautic Instruction Center

peloton Bourgogne

peloton Bretagne

Rapid Intervention Briagade

Saint Nazaire, Helicopters

Savoie, Shooting Team

Shooting Team

National Police

administrative director

Agglomeration Paris, Security From Near Police Headquarters

Anti Criminal Brigade, Castres

Border Police

Brigade de surete urbaine, Haguenau

Urban Safety Brigade, Haguenau

Youth Recreation Center, Sete-Frontignan

CSP Cergy Pontoise

Dog Brigade

DOPC, Public Order and Traffic

GRI, Paris, 10th

National shooting centre


Public Order & Route Security, Strasbourg

Public Safety

Public Safety,

- 2005

Public Safety 2005 -

Public Safety

Republican Security Companies

Republican Security Companies

Republican Security Companies

Republican Security Companies, Motocycliste

Republican Security Companies, Motorcyclist

Security Mobile Squad 94 (departement named Val de Marne)

National school voor superior police officers

Tour de France 2010

Central Office for the Suppression of Irregular Immigration and the Employment of Untitled Foreigners

Public Security, Sarreguemines, U.I.R.

Urban Police

Lightweight Security Unit