My police career started with the former State Police. The banner below refers to a website with many historical facts from that department. It is in Dutch 


The General Traffic Service was a nationally operating department of the former State Police. This service has had a unique fleet for many years. The Porsche was the figurehead of the service and determined the image of the state police for the general public. An extensive overview of the fleet can be found on this website


On this site you will find a very extensive photo overview of vehicles, that have been used by the Dutch police over the years.

Collection Dutch Police Then & Now

The objects shown on this website have been carefully collected through years of collecting .
This collection is entirely privately owned
The Dutch Police Then and Now Collection is not affiliated with any official body or the National Police Museum. PIT
The collection has been set up for the purpose of education, information and protection of historically important and national police heritage.
The website is in Dutch


NikonDirk is the username of a very passionate photographer who photographs many police vehicles, vessels and flying equipment. His site is well worth a visit

Below a list of other collectors


Collector URL E-mail
Stephan Bamert
Mattias Bott
.Johan Dekker
Andres Canillas
Ben Roberson
Giannes Tsiris
Jimmy Hilgen
Joe Borda
Wim Pietersen
Jason Hiscock
Chris Duckett
Josef Martinek
David Barbero
Denis Hauchard
Barbara Ritzler