Welcome to the website of Martin Jansen, a Ducth collector of police patches from all around the world

Welcome to my website. My name is Martin Jansen and since 1989 I have been collecting emblems from police services from all over the world. I built this website to get in touch with other collectors to possibly come to trade of emblems.

Why police service emblems? I have been working with the police in the Netherlands since 1976. On the right you can see various images from that period.I retired in november 2021

All the emblems in my collection I have obtained through trades with other collectors or through gifts from colleagues. I have a special reminder of various emblems, sometimes because I got them from colleagues I knew and died too young or because of the way I was able to include them in my collection.

I do not exchange emblems of which I do not have a double copy in the collection. I do not buy or sell emblems because I believe that this destroys the hobby and thus promotes counterfeiting of rare emblems

The slide show above consists of various moments from my career: such as the swearing-in, the firearms instructor, accompanying the visit of Queen Beatrix, guiding the event with the Redbull formula 1 car over the Afsluitdijk, catching an emu who has broken loose.
The slide show also gives a nice picture of the developments of the fleet and the uniform over the time

In addition to an overview of the emblems in my collection, there is also an overview of the items that I offer to trade. I provide information about the police in the Netherlands, the organizational structure, the uniforms, the armament, etc. It may be that the information is somewhat behind the facts. The Dutch police is a dynamic company and as a result, changes are made regularly.

I would really appreciate it if visitors leave comments in my guestbook.


Latest ads to the collection

This set of patches is worn by members of the shooting club in the Noord-Holland police unit. On behalf of the shooting club I can offer this set for sale. A set costs 15 euro,  excluding shipping costs