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Since 2014, the Netherlands has National Police. This corps is divided into 10 regional units and 1 national unit.

Although it is not formally permitted to add additions such as emblems to the uniform, more and more teams are developing their own emblem and wearing it on the uniform. This is tolerated. There are emblems that are the same nationally because they are worn by teams that perform together


Nuclear Security Summit

support group

CBRN Explosives Safety, work at height level

CBRN Explosives Safety


International Missions

Police Veterans Platform

specialized shooters

water thrower

motorcycle assistance at the G20 in Hamburg

Below is a summary of the various units within the Dutch police

  1. Noord-Nederland
  2. Oost-Nederland
  3. Midden-Nederland
  4. Noord-Holland (initially called North West Netherlands)
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Den Haag
  7. Rotterdam
  8. Zeeland West-Brabant
  9. Oost-Brabant
  10. Limburg
  11. Landelijke Eenheid

1.Noord - Nederland

2. Oost - Nederland

3. Midden - Nederland

cold case team

team De Copen, motorcyclist

4. Noord-Holland (initially called North West Netherlands)

group motorcyclist 2017

group motorcyclist 2017

hemp team

operational guidance & training, driving skills and driving safety

Operations Centre

Outside Security Schiphol Airport

Outside Security Schiphol Airport

team that supervises football supporters

shooting team right sleeve

shooting team left sleeve

shooting club (right arm) 2013

shooting club (left arm) 2013

patrol dogs

5. Amsterdam

general management service, assistance unit

Houtmankade policestation, biketeam

in flagante delicto

Operational Centre 2018

Prioteam Houtmankade

Public Transport Team

Regional Support Team

Team Main Roads

Team Main Roads

Team Opiates and weapons on highways

traffic enforcement team

6. Den Haag

animal police

animal police

Arms and Ammunition


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Execution of Sentenced team

regional support, team INFRA, 2017

regional support, team INFRA

soccer unit

Team Scheveningen cooperation with German Police

Team Transport and Support

Zoetermeer, Bike Team

7. Rotterdam

Flexteam South-East

operational guidance _ training, driving skills _ driving safety

participant Nijmeegse vierdaagse 160 km, 2016

participant Nijmeegse vierdaagse 220 km, 2016

Regional Support Service, Infra

8. Zeeland West - Brabant


Team Dros

9. Oost - Brabant

Team Helmond Peelland, motorcyclist

Motorpoule (defunct caused by wrong spelling)


10. Limburg

team patrol dogs

11. National Unit

International Legal Assistance Center, Cold Case

International Legal Assistance Center.j

Aviation Police

Air Support Unit 2014

Air Support Unit, Augusta AW 139

Air Support Unit, Eurocopter EC135